How To Become A FIFA Agent

Learn the ins-and-outs of the industry with these 3 tips.

On Wednesday, January 2nd 2019, Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League announced a record-breaking transfer for one of the most exciting young American players of our generation, Christian Pulisic.

The deal would transfer Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea for $78.1 million USD. If you have been thinking how to become a FIFA agent, before jumping on the tips, let me illustrate why becoming one can be a lucrative career.

If you were his agent (and for the sake of argument, let’s say this transfer included a bonus for the agent and player) and let’s say that you were able to negotiate 5% of that transfer fee, you would have cashed out $3.65 million USD (not to include the fee you would receive on his new Chelsea salary and future endorsement deals that would come as a result of this new move.

Christian Pulisic becomes one of the most expensive transfers in recent Bundesliga history
Christian Pulisic via US Soccer

Not a bad paycheck, right?

Now that I have your attention, here are a few tips that will help you achieve your dream and learn how to become a FIFA agent.

1. Learn the rules!

Becoming a registered intermediary (or “agent”, as more commonly known) has a few series of steps and although these are important, nothing is more important than knowing the FIFA regulations.

A few years ago, a young “agent” and acquaintance of mine (I placed “agent” in quotations for a reason, which we will discuss shortly) was in the middle of a mess as he was trying to transfer an underaged American player from US to Europe. This acquaintance, which for the sake of privacy we will call “Tom”, was a self-acclaimed agent and had very little knowledge on how to be one.

Tom was learning on the job, asking lots of questions from other agents and hoping everything he was doing was right. During the process, Tom violated various NCAA rules, FIFA rules and had his player in Europe, with a giant hope of playing pro but no legal way of doing so.

If Tom would have known FIFA’s regulations, he would’ve known that this player couldn’t play in Europe until he was 18 years of age and only if this player had an EU Passport, which he didn’t.

These rules and regulations can be confusing and overwhelmingly tough to learn, unless you have the guidance of an instructor and expert who knows them inside and out. Pro Agent Academy offers one of the most comprehensive courses in the market, teaching agents everything they need to know so they don’t make the same mistakes Tom made, costing the future careers of young footballers. Visit for more info.

2. Build your network

An agent who doesn’t have a network is not a good agent and will not succeed in this cut-throat industry. Let me illustrate with an analogy:

One of your players was cut from his current team’s roster mid-season; the athlete now has no team and looks at you for a new contract with a new team. But it is mid-season!

The first thing a good agent would do is contact his network, calling every single GM, head coach, scout and even other agents to start finding your client a new team.

Without this network, the chances of your client to find a new team and very small. Therefore, in this industry, your network is your net-worth!

3. Scout top talent!

Managing talent is time consuming. And the most common mistake new agents make is recruiting lots of players, even if they aren’t top prospects. This harms new agents for 2 reasons: 1. their reputation amongst others in the industry and 2. they don’t have enough time in their day to manage all of those clients.

For that reason, as you began your career as an agent, it is VERY important you learn scouting techniques that will sharpen your ability to identify and recruit top talent.

Christian Pulisic’s transfer is ranked (as of Jan 2019) as the 25th most expensive transfer in FIFA’s history. But I guarantee you that this transfer was managed by an agent who knows the FIFA regulations very well, has a deep network and was able to scout one of the most exciting talents to come out of USA in recent history.